BMW Executive Demos at BMW of Barrington

BMW Executive Demo

Experience the perfect BMW at an exceptional price with an Executive Demo at BMW of Barrington. Immerse yourself in the iconic looks, exhilarating driving experience, and rich heritage of high-performance engineering that BMW is renowned for. At our dealership, we are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to bring your dreams to life at even more enticing prices. Visit us today and allow us to guide you toward the BMW you’ve been envisioning, all while enjoying remarkable savings.

What is a BMW Executive Demo Vehicle?

BMW Executive Demos are BMW models that our staff has exclusively driven, used for customer test drives, displayed at car shows, or utilized as loaner vehicles. These vehicles maintain their peak condition both aesthetically and mechanically, ensuring excellence inside, outside, and under the hood. It’s important to note that, unlike pre-owned or certified pre-owned cars, Executive Demos retain their “new” status as they have never been sold or registered. Only when a vehicle is officially registered does it transition into the “used” category.

Benefits of Executive Demo Vehicles

When you choose to buy an Executive Demo Vehicle at BMW of Barrington, you will enjoy numerous benefits:

  1. Competitive Prices: These vehicles are offered at attractive prices, allowing you to save compared to buying a brand-new vehicle.
  2. New Car Rates and Special Discounts: Despite being pre-owned, you can still receive new car rates and take advantage of special discounts, further enhancing your savings.
  3. Current or Previous Model Year Vehicles: Our Executive Demo vehicles are typically from the current or previous model year, allowing you to enjoy the latest features, technologies, and design elements that BMW has to offer.
  4. Includes the Balance of the 4-year/50,000 Mile Ultimate Service:
  5. Expert Service and Maintenance: Our skilled technicians provide regular maintenance to our demo vehicles, including oil changes, tire rotations, detailing, and minor repairs.
  6. Low Mileage: Executive Demo vehicles typically have low mileage since they have been primarily used for short periods by staff, test drives, or as loaner vehicles. This ensures you are getting a vehicle with minimal wear and tear, providing you with a practically new driving experience.

Choose the extraordinary value of a BMW Executive Demo and elevate your driving experience today at BMW of Barrington!

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